Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My first, but definitely not my last sheep hunt!

Opening morning, 10-15-2009. Mt. Jefferson, Nv. 10,700' 155 7/8" Net. 9 years old. This was undoubtedly the most physically demanding hunt I've ever done. I set up camp on the summit on Monday, got snowed & blown off on Tuesday, returned on Wednesday. I shot this ram on Thursday morning at 1200 noon. We made it back to camp, only 6 miles away at 8:30pm with the sheep on our backs. Took us an additional 3.5 hours the next morning to get down to the trucks, which were only about 4 miles away. I Learned a lot from this hunt, especially in the department of challenging myself. I felt what it is like to push yourself further than you think you can go, learned what real dehydration is, and learned that your mind can override your failing body. Before this hunt I wondered if I could ever complete a 50 mile race, now I know the answer.


  1. Wow,great ram .Sounds like you had to get tough,good job.

  2. Nice work! You should do a 50 miler for sure.